Copper Patina Project

One of the new projects we are now doing is to remove some old, copper fascia pieces and replace them with new copper pieces.  The homeowner wants to retain a “used” look with the replacements.  In other words, he wants the new copper to have a blue, oxidized patina so it looks like they’ve been there for years.

Brand New Copper Fascia





The shop has several brands of commercial acid washes.  These washes, when applied following the manufacturer’s directions, will give that oxidized patina to copper gutters.  Of course, manufacturer’s directions are all different.  Some require using a paint brush and painting the wash on.  Another wash required the copper to be heated before and after application.

We decided to do some test runs to check out the results.  We had 3 different commercial acid washes, and tested each of them on our copper.  Well, each wash had a different color, and all were not what our customer was looking for.  After some research on the internet, we came across a popular suggestion: using Miracle Grow.

After a quick trip to our local hardware store, we began trying out Miracle Grow on some pieces of old copper.  After cleaning the copper, we tried brushing it on with a paint brush.  The results were better color-wise and more like the original copper we had removed.  However, we were not getting the texturing correct.  The finish was not consistent using a brush application.  We decided to move onto immersing the copper.

Trial Runs – brush technique





Since the new copper came in 10 foot lengths, we needed to figure out some kind of container to immerse 10’ pieces in.  We have close to 75 pieces and we needed a sort of assembly line setup.  We brainstormed and came up with using plastic rain gutters to immerse the metal.  We also set up a homemade drying rack.  Our goal is color and pattern consistency, so we wanted to dry the copper in an area where we could keep the temperature moderate (temps around here reach a bit over 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, but drop to the mid-60’s at night).

Our dunking station
We even made a drain plug!





Then we entered the mad-scientist phase of our patina project!  We cut up some test pieces and cleaned them using dishwashing soap.  Then we started mixing our first batch of wash.  We used 3 parts water to 1 part Miracle Grow and immersed the test pieces for different times: anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes.  We decided to go with a 30 second dip then place them on the drying rack.  We laid some pieces flat and some at an angle so the Miracle Grow solution could drip off.

The metal was allowed to dry overnight.  The next morning, we looked at the pieces we had dunked so far.  The flat pieces were definitely a brighter blue, but not as consistent in their pattern.  From here on out we made the decision to dunk each piece for 30 seconds.  We would then re-dunk the copper pieces but immediately remove each piece after the second dunk.  This was only to remove any crystals that had adhered to the copper during the 30-seconds it was in the bath.

It took us about two days to dunk the entire set of copper fascia due to having to scrub each piece.  The cleaning accomplished two things: 1) getting rid of any residue and fingerprints, and 2) we thought using a flat, green scrubber would introduce small scratches where the Miracle Grow solution could “stick.”  Our plan was really coming together, as we were getting our copper to have a consistent color and pattern.  However, the blue color was not coming through as bright as we would have liked.

First dunking on drying rack





From here we thought we should go through a second dunking for each piece of copper.  This stage went much quicker because we did not have to clean each piece.  We did another 30 second dip, and laid the copper out to dry overnight again.  The second dip turned out to really add brightness to the blue coloring.

Second dunking on drying rack





This is Part One of our patina project.  Some of the things we learned:

  • Immersion time did not matter after 30 seconds for our pieces of copper. Perhaps it is because the copper is flat.
  • Washing each piece was essential. The Miracle Grow solution would not “stick” to dirty metal.
  • The second dunking really improved how bright the blue colored patina came out.

The next stages of our project will be to seal the patina to the copper, transport each piece, and install the fascia.  Stay tuned for more blog reports as the project progresses!




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    Cape Town – At this week’s African tour, white lion cubs were seen with big black lions. But in less than a week’s time, the lion cubs will be back again in their natural habitat for mating and for the celebration of life.

    The team led by David Taylor and his wife Christine, will return from a five-year safari on their safari vehicle, a custom built to carry the team and their equipment with them.

    The pair will be traveling over two days, carrying their own sleeping bags, food, camels, backpacks and backpacks of supplies.

    “We’ll be sharing the caravan with the lions so they know we’re their friends, they feel welcome in the caravan so they don’t take the lion cubs apart and eat them,” said Taylor.

    “They will be sharing in their own way, but we’ll not be destroying the lion cubs. They’ll still be feeding at night, they will still be bonding with one another so we won’t be destroying their relationship just to take them apart, to eat them.”

    “So as it stands, it’ll be two healthy lions who will live happily, and a lion who will be the pride of his tribe. It’s not going to be any loss to him.”

    Lion cubs have been protected since 1997 due to their rarity, as there are limited resources and no need to care for them.

    The Safari Committee’s role and role of a conservation agency

    But conserving and protecting cubs has not been one of the responsibilities of the Lion Conservation Foundation (LCF), an NGO with six national offices in 13 countries in Africa.

    “At the foundation we have no direct involvement in conserving the animals, we’re not their keeper, we work with them on the field side of things. So to do that job requires a lot of work on the field side of the situation,” said David Taylor.

    They’ve recently held their own safari in Botswana where they have found two of their 12 cubs are healthy and have not harmed the lion cubs. And the team has recently been in Africa and Botswana and found two lion cubs and one lioness are healthy, healthy.

    “But we’ve had two cubs in captivity and they both had their first attack, they fell off the back of the vehicle and they were injured, so we’ve tried everything and I can’t think of any way to do that job, to protect the animals and do that job on the field side. So we don’t have a role.”

    He said his primary role is to protect and protect those in his car

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    Nt shelter on camping ground for katherine homeless problem

    ‘No more camping’

    “It has been extremely stressful, it has been incredibly heart-wrenching. No one wants to be here,” Ms Taylor said.

    “Some of the staff have been here for six or seven days, people haven’t slept for up to three days and it has been getting worse,” she added.

    “At a public site it would be nice if we could have more security cameras to go out in the summer and it wouldn’t feel so lonely out there.

    “We were so close to something, something really big had been achieved and it hasn’t happened yet.”

    The project was supposed to be running between December 2015 and March 2016 and was a trial in which volunteers were provided with the option to help with security costs and ensure that campers did not move out of their homes.

    But last month Ms Taylor said a decision had been taken to end the project and an interim CEO would be named.

    “That will be down to a new CEO to be appointed later this month so it will be back to us, because at the moment it is not an option at all,” she said.

    Topics: campers, local-government, homelessness, sa, melbourne-3000, vic, australia

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    The men, who were arrested when Melbourne police launched a major security investigation, are charged with offences including making terrorist threats, possessing firearms, assault with a weapon and attempted murder.

    Victoria police said it was aware of the alleged plot and a review of the incident is still underway.

    The men were arrested early on Friday afternoon when police were called to a residential home in The Queensway after a woman was seen being arrested on suspicion of terrorism offences.

    The woman, identified only as 29-year-old Emma, was taken to a police station and charged with terrorism offences after the incident.

    She is set to appear at court in Melbourne on 7 April.

    Queensland family saves toddler from pythons jaws

    The three-year-old child is in a stable condition after a pythons bite him on the cheek at a Queensland backyard park.

    The family were playing in the park near Lake Titner at about 9am when a python leapt from the bushes.

    The children were safe until a local man found the boy’s mother laying on the ground bleeding from a mouth wound and called police at 8.20am.

    Neighbours said neighbours at the house heard them scream the woman and noticed a python was eating the child.

    The three-year-old man and two siblings were walking their father who was with the woman near the park when they saw the creature.

    “You just hear these horrible screams but it’s obviously that python,” he said.

    The man said the mother screamed at the pythons to stop.

    “I’m thinking ‘oh my God’. You could literally hear them struggling. I just think they’re going to come for them and get us.”

    Neighbours of the family, who live in an apartment off Prahran Road, said the family had recently moved to the area.

    A police spokesman said the pythons were being looked after by volunteers.

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  286. Rossi sets pace in spain, wins sprint at Tirreno-Adriatico

    Movistar finish the team classification

    Racing results

    All the action was streamed on

    The 2015 World Cup season started in Colmar. Today there were a few races where things went pretty well for the Trek Factory Racing team.

    With a time trial today, it means the team could win its overall race and overall classification this week, as the yellow jersey stands at the line. That could be good news for the rider to improve his ranking (or improve on last year’s result) by winning this particular race at the Colmar Classic. On the other hand, if we consider the team’s overall position, today’s race will give the team some great competition for both the yellow and blue jerseys and there’s not much that can be said about that today. This could go either way, however.

    The same will also be true of the team’s road race classification. This team has so far won three races in the same time of the week and will probably not suffer another loss by the time the Worlds comes around. However, in today’s final race, the team might still go down and could be facing one of the most important teams from the race: Cannondale-Drapac. Last year, the Movistar team took home the yellow jersey in three sprints, the time trialling podium in the previous year’s race, as well as the overall victory. However, in 2013, the team was outdone by the WorldTour team, and with an easier stage than in 2015, it’s possible that the new riders will try harder this year.

    The team should try and keep this current level of form until their chance to win at the Colmar Classic comes around on Saturday afternoon.

    BARRY RAYS: I think the team can make a strong argument that its main problem this year was its lack of form this season, especially after winning two races in a row and taking home the overall victory in the same time that it was the main problem. It’s hard to tell how we should feel about it, but after this kind of weekend, I think it’s not so bad that I’d say we have a pretty good chance of winning the World Championships without having really done much right this year. In fact, it is quite possible that they can achieve it despite having a little bit of an uphill climb to do it in. If we look at the GC, you see that they have been pretty consistent with the times so far. That said, what I’ll say to them is that their rivals will definitely take a look at this race and judge their own strengths and weaknesses.

    It’s always difficult to say whe

    Hookes urges warne to speak out but the journalist refuses

    “My sources were not willing to help me at the moment because it is an ongoing story and there is an ongoing police investigation that they know about.”

    But when the warne was told in recent interviews it would be an urgent matter for the prime minister, Hookes urged him to act, describing what he said was the prime minister’s attitude as “nonsense”.

    “The prime minister’s attitude is really, really stupid and it will have a terrible effect on people’s lives,” Hookes told the BBC’s Today programme.

    ‘Lack of leadership’

    “No matter who is in power there will still be warne out there who will be looking for a way to make a living without actually doing anything, because he is a celebrity, that is what he is known for, so I think a lot of people will look for that to be his motive and that to be his reason to do this.”

    The report also claims that, after Hookes refused to divulge the name of the journalist to Downing Street, he was told to leave Downing Street and be interviewed by the public inquiries, a move which led to his leaving the government

    The report also describes a tense meeting in which Mr Hunt allegedly told police he was confident they would find a “criminal”.

    “The prime minister’s office then proceeded to have a public relations operation about me and a journalist when he had not even invited me. They had a very clear agenda, which was to get me out of the PM’s office and to allow the PR to play its game,” he said.

    ‘Toxic culture’

    ‘Toxic culture’ claims

    The report also claims that in February last year, when former attorney general Dominic Grieve said: “There are three things I can guarantee you: that no-one will be able to find me if they ask for it – no-one will have to pay up – and that there will be no police to stop them.

    “All these things are true. And all we need to do to stop them, we must do that we know we need to. And we have the power to do it if our conscience tells us it is necessary.”

    Asked if he accepted the findings of the report by David Cameron and Chris Grayling, the Home Secretary, Mr Straw replied: “I think both of those are just rubbish. And so is the prime minister’s department.”

    “I think the media would be very grateful if I did not get involved in these things any more in relation to the coverage of this. It is a toxic culture here, and it is damaging to our ability to work effectively in the political system.”

    Hookes told th

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  306. Niues population shrinks in secret

    By Alexey I. Kuznetsov

    13 October 2016

    Two of Ukraine’s largest cities have fallen into hiding for more than a month as the authorities refused to inform the local population on the conditions of their evacuation.

    This is the second city that has been abandoned for more than a month since the authorities moved in to seize control of the city centre in September 2013. As early as November, tens of thousands of people in the Ukrainian capital were still living in refugee camps in the city of Lviv and in other regions.

    In December, the authorities in Kiev announced plans to forcibly repatriate people, who are estimated to number hundreds of thousands, to areas in Russia and eastern Ukraine, which have not yet been given control over their internal affairs. After the army was declared the legitimate government in Kiev and the city was declared a “safe zone”, many more people sought refuge in the nearby Donbas regions.

    In total, about 7,000 people, including residents of the city of Lviv, have been relocated since early 2014 by Kiev authorities and are now at large in the Donbas regions of Ukraine. In fact, many of those living in the city of Lviv are actually members of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR).

    Since taking power, the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic has declared the city of Lviv a federal republic, which it has not declared anywhere else in Ukraine. In practice, Ukraine’s government now regards it as the main regional government center, as well as a regional administration center, and the administrative office of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) in Lviv. Both Donetsk and Lviv are also subject to military occupation from Kiev authorities.

    Ukraine has attempted to keep the population of Lviv under constant state of war. The “separatist” leaders’ claim to control the city only after the city was annexed by the former Soviet Union in the fall of 2014 (and then handed to Kiev, although most of the military occupied eastern Crimea since the start of the crisis in early 2014 is subject to the rule of the Crimean parliament, which also includes some parts of eastern Ukraine) has proven to be a lie.

    To this day, hundreds of thousands of people live in the city and the surrounding area, and around half the city’s territory lies under Kiev’s control. It is not necessary to have a Ukrainian passport to legally visit Lviv. Those who do so have to sign the Ukrainian Army’s entry/exit forms, and they are required to surrender their Ukrainian identity documents. In recent weeks, these forms have had to be altered to comply with a new Ukrainian Army policy that allows those with Ukrainian passports from Crimea to enter the city by road, but those wit

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    ALAMEDA, Calif. (KRON) — An injured teenage girl was found dead Friday in a canyon at a Strawberry Creek trailhead in Orange County.

    Authorities said a man went to the bottom of the canyon to retrieve a blueberry patch that he felt was buried. When the man returned, he got tangled up in a tree branch. The boy was able to free himself but his parents had no idea they were there.

    Copyright by KRON – All rights reserved The Canyon Springs Road off-ramp at Cuyahoga River Road near Canyon Spring Road near Orange County. Photo courtesy of Orange County Sheriff.

    Copyright by KRON – All rights reserved The Canyon Springs Road off-ramp at Cuyahoga River Road near Canyon Spring Road near Orange County. Photo courtesy of Orange County Sheriff.

    Authorities said the girl was pronounced dead at the scene.

    She had been walking about 12 miles from her house in Canyon Springs to a park near her home near the Cuyahoga River Road off-ramp where she left her car.

    “My thoughts and prayers are with her family today,” said Jeff Koehr of the Canyon Springs Trailhead Association.

    Authorities said they do not have any suspects in the case.

    A Facebook page posted on Saturday said a teen who was missing, who was hiking on the road Saturday and had gone to the hospital was found.

    The area is close to the Cuyahoga River on a shoulder, according to Orange County’s Department of Natural Resources. Orange County Regional Search and Rescue has been at the scene.

    Copyright by KRON – All rights reserved A woman’s heart breaking story of the day was caught on video. Courtesy of the Orange County Sheriff’s Office Facebook account.

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    A number of swimmers have also taken aim at the Olympics, starting in 2011 with the decision to drop the women’s 100m freestyle team following what one sportswriter dubbed “the most dangerous decision ever” in Beijing. A couple of years later, the Swimming World Championships had to cancel because they were hosting the women’s 200m freestyle championship, which was due to go to Rome after all. The men’s 100m freestyle team, meanwhile, did not want to compete in the upcoming World Championships in Russia.

    New director says museum must be political, not commercial

    Enlarge this image toggle caption Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images

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    The National Portrait Gallery of Fine Arts announced it was ending its relationship with a controversial gallery owner to open the gallery’s new museum at the National Museum of African-American History and Culture.

    “The National Portrait Gallery’s continuing partnership is being terminated at this time to continue our relationship with an experienced curator,” the museum said in a statement. “In contrast, a new National Portrait Gallery museum is in the design stage.”

    According to the museum’s website, “the National Portrait Gallery and its partner organization The New Museum of African-American Art (NMAAA) offer visitors a new and unique opportunity to experience both the art and culture of African Americans and the Civil Rights movement.”

    The gallery and NMAAA are partners on a project called NMAAPH.

    The National Portrait Gallery will continue to collect and display the works of famous individuals in its new museum, with the goal of creating a new legacy of “contemporary art.”

    After the museum’s announcement, the gallery’s president said that, “This is an extraordinary moment for the gallery, our mission and our work. For a long time now, the National Portrait Gallery has been celebrating African American art and our shared stories. Now, in our new museum, we will share those stories as a way of reminding all of us of the great opportunities of African Americans.”

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    The National Portrait Gallery will close its doors on Saturday, May 31.

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    Tobacco Express

    Our setup this year for the Tobacco Express was the usual, with the car being fitted with an Evo 4S suspension and the front brakes from an early version of the Evo, for which I have always liked the front brake, too. We had the drivers on, with Alex for the middle, Tom for the high speed, and me and Kevin for the straight. They had a couple of laps at the start, and the result was pretty close. We had a bit more traction and we weren’t just going straight, like on the previous test, we wanted to take it over the crest of the top corner to the side of the other car, but we managed to do that fairly easily because there wasn’t much of a slipstream. We were going faster than most cars, but we ended up taking a small gear penalty on the next corner, and then on to the next corner where we just really struggled and couldn’t get anywhere. It was quite a challenging lap. After the second stop we were running quite quickly, so we ended up losing a lot of grip at the end. This is something that you can expect from a tyre test, so there was no real change from day one. This race has been quite the different experience this year as well. We have taken a more aggressive attitude, and I think we had a little bit of an advantage from that. The tires have been a little more wet, and we’ve tried to have a smaller differential over the last couple of races. I have a bigger engine, so we had to make sure that the tyres were up to the challenge and make a difference, but overall I thin

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    Brisbane voters headed for the polls today but turnout remains low, but that is expected to change if voters have another look at their local candidates.

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